Swift's multimillion dollar- Empire of Dollar Real Estate

Famous for her incredible musical career, Taylor Swift is now venturing into the real estate market. 

She owns eight properties in four different states. So, what is Taylor Swift's address? 

 Based on Forbes estimates, her net worth is approximately $1.1 billion, with $150 million going towards real estate investments.

Swift began her career as a modest country girl in Cumru Township, Pennsylvania, and worked her way up to become a worldwide pop sensation.

Later, her family moved to Wyomissing, a town outside of Reading, where they now reside in a five-bedroom home.

This Georgian Colonial-style house was where she first showed off her love of music by picking up a guitar and strumming. Swift convinced her parents to relocate when she was 14 years old.

Swift has amassed an impressive collection of properties, defying critics time and again. These properties range from an expansive 11,000-square-foot historic landmark in California to a luxurious $150 million penthouse tucked away in Manhattan's TriBeCa neighbourhood.

One can only wonder about the extent of her future real estate victories and the possible musical masterpieces that may be influenced by these endeavours as she continues her highly successful tour, which Forbes predicts will make her a billionaire by the end of the year.

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