Speaker Mike Johnson Responds to Bill Maher Comparing Him to Maine Shooter

Mike Johnson, the newly elected House Speaker from Louisiana, has expressed his indignation at the criticism and derision of his faith, 

citing comedian Bill Maher as an example, who likened him to the shooter in Maine who killed eighteen people recently. 

During a Tuesday interview with Fox News's Kayleigh McEnany, Johnson was questioned about what she described as a number of "attacks" on his faith, 

such as Maher's criticism and a Daily Beast article that referred to him as a "Christofascist." 

Johnson pronounced it "just disgusting" to McEnany. "That's ridiculous. Naturally, the foundation of our faith is love and acceptance,  

therefore it is completely absurd to equate that philosophy to that of the Taliban or some insane gunman who kills people." 

According to Johnson, the remarks should "offend" all Christians, but he'll "take the arrows." 

"I am fine. Accept the arrows, please. It follows from leadership," he remarked. 

Last Thursday, Johnson was voted to his current position following three weeks in which Republican contenders were unable to secure enough votes to unseat Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. 

As Johnson has gained national attention, his prior remarks regarding his faith have come under close examination. The Republican quipped during his acceptance speech for the speakership 

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