Sophie Skelton, the star of Outlander, has been cast as the lead in the upcoming film.

Sophie Skelton, who played Claire in Outlander, has been cast as the lead in the upcoming film Row.

The film will be a thriller directed by Matthew Losasso, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It will also feature Bella Dayne from Humans

Akshay Khanna from Red, White, and Royal Blue, and Mark Trepan from Before We Die. The director is Matthew Losasso.

The novel's plot will revolve around what happens after a lady washes up on shore in a blood-stained rowboat.

Because her crewmates have gone missing and are assumed dead, she will have to piece together her memories in order to prove her innocence.

A vast ocean appears to stretch infinitely in all directions, and yet on board the Valiant, the lack of space fuels paranoia and intense drama

he said. "On the surface, an enormous ocean appears to stretch infinitely." "It's an intriguing and tremendously ambitious script.

"If filming on water wasn't already enough of a challenge, throw in a twisty dark plot, complicated techniques to avoid green screen backdrops,

 a commitment to capture the rugged beauty of ocean landscapes, and the constraints of independent filmmaking."

Row was written by Nick Skaugan, and filming is set to commence in Scotland the following month. The production will use a specially

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