Sofia Coppola Exited ‘Little Mermaid’ After Studio Exec Asked How It’d Appeal to 35-Year-Old Men, Passed on Final ‘Twilight’ Movie: ‘Too Weird!’

During her recent "Priscilla" press tour, Sofia Coppola talked with Rolling Stone about two prominent projects that were abandoned.  

The first was "Breaking Dawn," the last "Twilight" film, which was divided into two parts by Summit Entertainment and released in 2011 and 2012. 

It brought in a total of $1.5 billion at the global box office. Coppola disclosed that her experience working on the last "Twilight" film amounted to just one encounter. 

The director remarked, "We had one meeting, and it never went anywhere." "I found the entire werewolf-imprinting concept to be peculiar. 

The infant. Too strange! However, there was potential for an intriguing take on some of the earlier "Twilight. 

I had fun writing a teen-vampire romance, but the conclusion goes too far. 

In the end, Bill Condon directed the two concluding "Twilight" movies. Coppola is talking about Renesmee, the vampire/human 

hybrid offspring of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. She possesses the ability to touch individuals to communicate her ideas. 

"I like gothic horror, but I think it would be fun to do sci-fi," Coppola continued. "I don't like gory." "However, I have no idea." 

Coppola also spoke with Rolling Stone about her live-action "The Little Mermaid," which she was working on in 2014 with Working Title 

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