Social Media Reacts To Deion Sanders' Legal Issues

Colorado's new football coach, Deion Sanders, is changing the school from a cellar dweller to an NCAA powerhouse.

His status as Colorado's leader does not exempt him from the law.

On Friday, Deion Sanders Jr. released a video of his Lamborghini-riding day, but police saw his parking.

Parking tickets were issued on his automobile.

CU is the most exciting college football squad this season.  

The Buffaloes are 3-0 and the focus of the sports world because to their flamboyant new coach, Deion Sanders, and a new roster. 

This week, they face their greatest challenge with the Oregon Ducks and need him.  said the hit was a "love tap" and doesn't anticipate a consequence. "

Sanders drives this Colorado attack, so they go where he can.  

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