Shedeur Sanders boldly claims he is on par with NFL greats Tom Brady and Mike Vick.

With his father serving as coach, the NFL legend Deion Sanders' kid has been making waves this season.

Three of their last four games have ended in losses to Stanford, UCLA, and Oregan State, following impressive victories early in the season.

Shedeur has nevertheless had a big influence. LeBron James and DJ Khaled's iconic watch show-off celebration have already been witnessed by him.

And that's not even counting his on-field prowess, which has seen him throw for 2,882 yards, 24 touchdowns, three interceptions, and three more scores on the ground.

When asked in an interview who he would compare himself to, Sander was not afraid to make a daring declaration.

"Well, I'll say it's a mixture because I'm able to stay in the pocket and deliver the ball," he stated to Complex.

"I can play like Brady, but I can also take it like Vick and extend play when it's not there. Thus, it just relies.

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