Seth Meyers claims that Taylor Swift's composition of "the perfect SNL monologue" astounded him.

He said that Swift's presentation of the idea was "exactly what you need it to be" and "a fully wrapped present."

Taylor Swift demonstrated why she truly is the man in 2009 when it came time for her to host Saturday Night Live. Ask Seth Meyers, please.

In an interview on Monday, Meyers recounted how amazed he was when Swift, then just 19 years old

hosted the sketch comedy series on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show.

Meyers explained that while most hosts get their monologues written by SNL writers, Swift created her own song.

In the well-known song "Monologue Song (La La La)," the singer riffs on her propensity to write songs about people who have wronged her. 

She also touches on some of the big stories of the day, including her breakup with Joe Jonas

 Taylor Lautner dating rumors, and the disastrous Kanye West VMAs incident, which stunned Meyers, who was a cast member at the time.

Meyers described her monologue to Stern, saying, "It really speaks to what a force of nature she is and the depths of her talent."

" Nevertheless, she approached us and confided, "I composed a song for the introduction."

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