Sanders Apologizes to Colorado: Deion Sanders extends an apology to Colorado players and fans following loss to Arizona. 

Sanders Apologizes After Loss: Deion Sanders apologizes to players and fans following a 31-34 loss to Arizona, acknowledging the disappointment in a sellout crowd. 

Close but Far: Sanders Reflects: Despite dominating most of the game, Sanders reflects on the team's struggle to secure a win, admitting they "truly don't know how to win yet" after the painful defeat. – 

Colorado's Decline in 2023: Sanders, who started strong in college football, sees a decline as Colorado's record drops to 4-6, losing six of the last seven games, including the latest four. 

Home Turf Disappointment: Colorado's home record dips to 2-4 after the loss to Arizona, with Sanders expressing the fans' expectation to win every time they enter the stadium. 

Optimism Despite Challenges: Despite the setbacks, Sanders remains optimistic, noting the team's resilience in most games, except for a significant loss to Oregon. – 

Buffaloes' Struggles: Sanders acknowledges the team's struggles, especially in the latest defeat at Folsom Field, contributing to their challenging season. 

Expectations Unmet: Sanders addresses the high expectations from fans and the disappointment of not sending them off right after a season marked by ups and downs. 

Coach's Confidence: Despite the tough times, Sanders maintains confidence in the team's fighting spirit, emphasizing their effort in all games except for one significant loss to Oregon. 

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