Sam Heughan's "It Doesn't Go Too Well" in the "Outlander" midseason finale.

The midseason finale of Season 7 of Outlander is fast approaching, and fans are buzzing with rumors.

There are more questions than answers after the most recent episode,

Which showed Jamie Fraser in a perilous scenario on the battlefield.On-screen actor Sam Heughan,

Who plays Jamie, has hinted at the character's outcome. But like with everything Outlander,

Ambiguity rules. Heughan's remarks hint at a surprising shock in the midseason finale,

Even though most viewers anticipate Jamie to survive the Battle of Saratoga.

The most recent Outlander episode confused viewers. Jamie Fraser (Heughan),

Who was left sprawled on the battlefield as the episode came to a close. He appeared to be dead or at the very least,

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