Sam Heughan's casting director for Outlander discusses how he was cast for Jamie Fraser. 

Without Sam Heughan in the title role of Jamie Fraser, the handsome Highlander turned American transplant, 

it is difficult to picture Outlander. It seems as though this is how things have always been, but of fact, 

casting the ideal actor for this role required time and patience. The casting director for Outlander, Suzanne Smith,

discussed how difficult it was to find Heughan and how she knew he was the ideal choice for Jamie in an interview with Daily Express. 

Smith claims that although there was some anxiety regarding the casting of Jamie, everything went rather well as soon as they discovered Heughan. 

Well, with actors, you follow their careers, so I knew Sam from drama school and I brought him in for quite a few roles before, 

so I'd followed his career so I knew him," Smith explained. "So there's not many very tall Scots that are right for Jamie Fraser, 

so Sam came to mind straight away." We conducted actor auditions; however,

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