Sam Heughan and Kelly Clarkson Enjoy a Traditional Cocktail

Sam Heughan has recently been in the media spotlight. The Outlander star has been known to incorporate aspects of his show image into his daily life, 

including wearing a kilt in public on multiple occasions and even launching his own brand of Scotch whisky. Heughan's alcohol ventures extend far beyond his award-winning whisky; 

last year, he won an award for his limited-edition tequila, under his own Sassenach brand, and now he's touring the United States to market the company's latest addition: gin.

Heughan had a chuckle with Kelly Clarkson over cocktails while taking a break from his promotional U.S. tour while appearing on an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Clarkson delivers Heughan his drink, revealing that the two have a passion for the popular cocktail. "I heard you made these nice and strong," 

Heughan snidely remarked.  "Well, if I made it, it would have been," Clarkson said, "but I guarantee you they were looking out for Mama and it's not that strong," she added, 

While the two sipped their cocktails, Heughan described how the brand loves to offer gin and tonic with an apple slice due to the brand's usage of apples as the primary citrus. "Is it crab apple 

Clarkson, it turns out, grows crab apples on her property back home. While Heughan mentioned that they don't eat the apples because they are sour, 

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