Saints’ Derek Carr explains wild outburst at Chris Olave during loss to Jaguars

Derek Carr, quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, struggled to keep his cool during his team's 31-24 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday night. 

Carr, who appeared to be out of rhythm for much of the night, appeared to be shouting 

at Chris Olave after obviously overthrowing a ball to the Saints wide receiver. It was a bad look for Carr. 

According to, the Saints quarterback talked to the media following the game and held himself accountable for his behavior on 

the field and on the sidelines, as well as describing what appeared to be a heated moment with Olave. 

"The sluggish start. I've been wearing my heart on my sleeve a little too much. I need to relax, and that's me holding myself accountable,  

because it's not going to help anything. Just trying to be a soothing influence in those instances, especially when there is a lot of stress — I can be that presence to quiet everyone down." 

Carr admitted that he needs to be a "calming influence" for the Saints during difficult times, but he also needs to "chill out." 

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