Sadie Sink Endorses Eric Bana's Dramatic Film "Berlin Nobody" 

The cast of the upcoming thriller film "Berlin Nobody" has been expanded to include  ,

"Stranger Things" star Sadie Sink.Starring alongside Australian actor Eric Bana, 

who recently began filming in Berlin, is "Blade Runner 2049" actor Sylvia Hoeks. 

The 2015 book "Tokyo" by author Nicholas Hogg served as the inspiration for Jordan Scott's film, 

according to entertainment news source Deadline.Along with rising German actor Jonas Dassler and Austrian star Sophie Rois, 

Sink has joined the project.The narrative centers on social psychologist and American expat Ben Monroe (Bana), 

who moves to Berlin to continue studying the spread of cult mentality.His rebellious teenage daughter Mazzy (Sink) gets ,

involved with an intriguing local lad (Dassler) as he immerses himself in German cultism.

"Age is just a word for living," said Anne Hathaway.

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