Robert Downey Jr. is not competing in the NYC Marathon, sorry. Iron Man of Teaneck is that. 

People look twice when they see David Roher sprinting.It's not only that Roher frequently  

competes in difficult sporting events while wearing an Iron Man suit. Also very similar to him is Robert Downey Jr., 

who played the armored superhero in Marvel Studios' successful motion pictures.Even though Roher doesn't own a jet, 

you can catch him competing in his 10th straight New York City Marathon on Sunday as he races through Manhattan's streets. 

He will be dressed for the event, as usual, in a polyester replica of Tony Stark's iconic red ,

and gold suit—a look that has won him over many fans across the 26.2-mile journey.

I have to fist pump every child who yells "Ironman" and begs me to do so on the street. 

"Adults also exclaim, 'Tony Stark,' which is quite endearing," commented Roher, 55, who resembles Downey in appearance thanks to his beard and wavy hair.

"Age is just a word for living," said Anne Hathaway.

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