Review: Is It Worth Watching Elizabeth Olsen's HBO Max Series "Love and Death"? 

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we work with vendors who might also process your information. The Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are in effect, 

and reCAPTCHA Enterprise is used to safeguard this website.It's unusual that the adage "if you've seen one, 

you've seen 'em all" applies to popular entertainment. TV thrives on genre storytelling, 

presenting countless iterations of detective, medical, and demonic procedurals while maintaining the audience's rapt attention. 

Furthermore, judging a tale as nothing more than an exact replica of something you've already seen usually ignores the art of excellent television and/or its development. 

You could argue that if you've seen "Columbo" or "Monk," you already "get" what "Poker Face" is going to be, 

but that would be ignoring the artistic qualities within a clever "howcatchem," Natasha Lyonne's smoky star power, and Rian Johnson's skillful direction. 

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