Really, without Brady, will the Patriots ever win? 

These days, sports frequently get lost in the minutiae of analytics.  

However, there's one obvious NFL fact that becomes more and more apparent without a thorough analysis of the data:The majority, 

if not all, of the credit for the New England Patriots' dynasty should go to Tom Brady.Is Josh McDaniels correct? 

Jimmy Garoppolo, are I right? Is Dave Ziegler correct? Correct, Mr. Belichick?

The Patriots' six Super Bowl victories were largely due to their legendary quarterback, 

who had the ability to read defenses, throw passes with remarkable accuracy, and perform at his peak during crucial moments. 

This week served as another reminder that No. 12 served as the foundation for the New England formula. 

Not some genius offensive coordinator with a failsafe method. Not a general manager who recognizes talent well. 

"Age is just a word for living," said Anne Hathaway.

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