Rangers snatch victory from jaws of Diamondbacks with dramatic homers

I'm unable to provide real-time news updates or live coverage of events occurring after my last update in January 2022 

The text you provided seems to describe a thrilling moment in a baseball game involving Corey Seager and Adolis García playing for the Texas Rangers 

The description captures an intense and thrilling moment during a game, where Seager's powerful, game-tying two-run home run,  

and García's subsequent walk-off homer secured a dramatic 6-5 win for the Rangers over the Diamondbacks in Game 1 of the World Series. 

The account mentions Seager's typically stoic demeanor and how this event marked a rare and highly emotional display from him 

indicating the enormity of the moment and the impact it had on the players and the crowd.  

The reactions and emotions exhibited by Seager and the team members, contrary to their usual calm and composed approach, added depth to the significance of the victory. 

The description captures the electrifying atmosphere in the stadium, the overwhelming emotions of the players, and the lasting impact such a significant win can have on the team and their fans. 

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