Randy Travis' Top Songs That Have Withstood the Test of Time. 

Randy Travis – “1982” The song that got it all started by Randy Travis only peaked at No. 6 on the charts. However, that is unimportant. This song is at the top of the list because it was a throwback to the Lefty Frizzell sound that was extremely popular in the winter of 1986, a time when crossover sounds were dominating the chart

Travis has mostly been making gospel and inspirational music for the past nine years, during which time he had not achieved a number one song on the Billboard charts. 

Nothing was working when Schlitz and Overstreet started a writing session. "On the other hand," one of them remarked, to which the other replied, "There's a golden band." But that's where it almost stopped. Numerous musicians passed after hearing the song pitched around town. 

Chart positions don't always fully convey the significance of a music. Travis took a big gamble in 1989 by releasing a stark ballad that was just him and a guitar, despite the fact that nine of his previous ten singles had all reached the top. 

As stated in the classic Jerry Reed song, "When You're Hot, You're Hot." Furthermore, there weren't many more desirable songwriter duos in 1987 than Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz. 

When it peaked at the top of the charts in 1990, it became Randy's longest-running number one. It became the first song to do so in almost a dozen years, and it topped the singles chart for a full month. 

This song, which bears Travis's name as the writer, is significant to the artist for a variety of reasons. It is one of his catalog songs. 

In the spring of 1989, this lighthearted song gave the singer his seventh chart-topper. This song, which is taken from his best-selling Old 8 X 10 album, is one that you may have heard elsewhere outside country radio. 

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