Randy Travis, a country music performer, has revealed that he is battling a potentially fatal medical condition.

Randy Travis taped an intimate acoustic concert in 2011 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Storms of Lifestyles.

the 1986 album that sold 4 million copies and sparked the neo-traditionalist trend in contemporary American music.

No one could have predicted the film would become "the final live recording we did," according to Kyle Lehning, Travis' longtime producer.

However, in 2013, as the material was being prepared for release—a launch that never occurred—Travis was taken to a Dallas-area hospital with viral cardiomyopathy issues. 

He had a major stroke, which required brain surgery and took away his ability to play guitar and carry out other tasks. It also limited his ability to speak. His husband was told by physicians.

And now, eleven years later, a new documentary based on that film honors the life of the beloved singer, now sixty-three. Randy Travis.

greater life combines that concert with the rest of the story—Travis' two close-call medical emergencies, his lengthy rehabilitation (with techniques like neuro-acupuncture.

Texas (you can hire the documentary on streaming platforms or watch it free of charge on Travis' YouTube channel in episodes released every two weeks until July 7).

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