Raiders Receive Strong Message from Saints QB Derek Carr

Derek Carr recently made his preseason debut for the New Orleans Saints, marking his first NFL game played for a team other than the Las Vegas Raiders.  

It will undoubtedly be a transition period for both Carr and the Raiders, but both sides appear to have moved on and are content with their current situations. 

The Saints traveled to Costa Mesa, California, for joint training camp workouts with the Los Angeles Chargers, 

where Carr was able to express his feelings about the Raiders now that he's been released for several months. 

"But I have no hard feelings toward any of my guys," Carr said during a media availability on August 17, according to Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. " 

"I want them to succeed because I know how difficult it is not to succeed." It's difficult, and it's difficult for your family.  

Carr went on to say that despite his devotion to the Saints, he will root for the Raiders. 

I hope they win and do well, but I'm in New Orleans now, and I'm going to give them everything I've got, along with some new energy that I'm happy to offer. 

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