Pork Binagoongan Sa Gata Recipe

Shrimp paste, or bagoong, is a flavor that people either adore or hate. It's strong, hot, and rough. While some people can't stand

the taste or smell of this dish, others have come to love its unique umami flavor! Although bagoong is a sensory experience, people who appreciate it know how to...

In addition to being delicious with kare kare, this sauce can also be used as a dip for green mangos. One of the most popular dishes

 made using bagoong is binagoongan, which is a delicious marinated pig belly. Try this pork binagoongan, though, if you want to go really fancy.

Pork binagoongan sa gata, with its warm, rich flavor of coconut milk, might be the dish that wins over your family and friends who don't like bagoong. 

The umami qualities of your shrimp paste may be overpowered by the smoothness of your gata.

It makes for a rich and delectable dish when paired with other veggies and chili peppers for spice. You will never see bagoong the same way again.

In the Philippines, bagoong—a shrimp or fish paste—is quite popular. Fish or shrimp paste is fermented to make it. This can last for a few weeks or even months,

depending on how strong you want the flavor to be. Because it goes so well with so many of their meals, several Southeast Asian nations 

have devised their own versions of this well-known condiment, even though it originated in Filipino cuisine.

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