People are feeling touched by this father who is taking time to "show his dog the rain." 

Why does it always make us smile to watch an elderly person snuggling up with a small, fuzzy animal? 

 We can't get enough of it because there's something so incredibly endearing about it. 

Meet sweet Dolly, an all-white Pomeranian, and her equally sweet 87-year-old grandfather, Grandpa (@_dadanddolly), if you're ready for a good dose of cuteness. 

What is the story, then? As sweet and straightforward as it gets, I suppose. Through the window, this grandfather is demonstrating to Dolly the rain outside.

What then is the story? I guess it's as simple and sweet as it gets. This grandfather is showing Dolly the rain outside through the window.

Let's now discuss the benefits of pets for senior persons. They offer amazing psychological assistance and physical advantages. 

Seniors who live alone, in particular, may find a dog to be a devoted and consistent friend. They provide unconditional love, and the daily routine of caring for a pet can help people live more structured lives.

Another major benefit is physical activity. Walking a dog, even a tiny Pomeranian like Dolly, promotes consistent exercise, which is good for the body and the mind. Livability and the relationship built with a dog can also help fight sadness and loneliness.

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