Patriots DT Issues Strong Reaction to Fine for Hit on Bills’ Josh Allen

As of my last update in January 2022, the details provided regarding Christian Barmore, the New England Patriots' defensive tackle 

reflect a situation that occurred after that time. It appears there was controversy surrounding a fine imposed on Barmore for a hit on Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. 

The NFL frequently reviews plays and issues fines for hits that are deemed unnecessary roughness, especially concerning hits on quarterbacks 

In this case, Barmore received a fine for a hit on Josh Allen, which sparked discontent among some, including the player himself 

The reactions from Barmore and Patriots beat reporter Dakota Randall express disagreement with the fine,  

citing it as potentially "soft," even if it aligns with the league's stricter approach to penalizing hits on quarterbacks. 

There's a suggestion that the hit might have been controversial but fell within the boundaries of the NFL's scrutiny regarding roughing the passer. 

Josh Allen, the quarterback who was at the receiving end of the hit, had also faced criticism for a play in the same game that some perceived as a dramatic reaction to draw a roughing the passer penalty.  

The subjectivity of such calls and the potential involvement of theatrics in drawing penalties often stirs debate in the NFL. 

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