Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs' quarterback, booked an Airbnb three months before the Super Bowl. 

Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, radiates confidence both on and off the field. So much so that even before the playoffs began, the two-time league MVP reserved an Airbnb in Arizona for the Super Bowl.  

Mahomes showed his degree of confidence in the Chiefs making their third Super Bowl participation in only four seasons in a clip from Netflix's new "Quarterback" series. 

"I got a crib like six minutes from our hotel, so my fams will stay there," he informed Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts during a pregame talk. Are the Chiefs a dynasty? Mahomes doesn't think so yet, but he knows how to become one. 

Hurst inquired as to whether Mahomes had a residence in the neighborhood, to which he replied, "No, I just Airbnb'd it." That s--- happened a year ago. 

He was named league MVP at the NFL Honors awards ceremony, collecting 48 of 50 first-place votes, making him the third player in NFL history to win his second MVP before the age of 28. 

Despite entering the Super Bowl with an ankle injury, Mahomes guided the Chiefs to their third Lombardi Trophy with his second game MVP performance.  

"I think this year's theme is how can we keep building," Mahomes said on Tuesday during training camp.  

"Obviously, winning the Super Bowl last year was incredible, but we still have a lot of young guys." We want to keep getting better. If you look around the AFC, everyone has improved." 

Mahomes may be looking for another Las Vegas rental property for next year's game.  

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