Paige Spiranac Shares How Online Hate Led Her to Embrace Her True Self

Paige Spiranac, a golf instructor and media personality, recently appeared on the Twin Talk podcast alongside former NCAA basketball stars Haley and Hanna Cavinder.  

During the episode, she discussed various aspects of her career and experiences,  

shedding light on handling online criticism and the impact it had on her self-acceptance. 

Spiranac shared her initial aspirations of being taken seriously as a professional golfer. Despite her efforts,  

she faced significant backlash and hate regardless of what she did or posted. She recounted a specific incident where she wore a conservative outfit— 

A full turtleneck and leggings—and still faced criticism.  

This experience made her realize that no matter her attire or actions, she would still be targeted by critics.  

This realization led her to embrace authenticity and live life on her terms, choosing to wear what she wants and live as she desires. 

The golfer also discussed her comfort in wearing tight, form-fitting clothing,  

Attributing this comfort to her background in gymnastics, where she was accustomed to wearing leotards. 

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