The realistic portrayal of Jamie's family strife in Outlander

This next season poses a threat to the core of Jamie's values, despite the fact that his character is frequently praised for his unshakable dedication to protecting his family.

Even with the unwavering backing of his powerful spouse, Claire, the Revolution remains a difficult foe.

Jamie's sentiments are openly expressed by Heughan, who highlights the immense sense of duty he has to people he is protecting.

But the true painful struggle arises from the divisions inside families that the war highlights.

One of the season's main themes is William Ransom's character journey, which takes center stage when he decides to join the British army after severing ties with the Hunter siblings.

William is shown by Vandervaart as a young man who is steadfastly committed to the values and virtues that were instilled in him during his time in England.

But William, who doesn't know who his real father is, might receive a harsh education from the impending battle.

Vandervaart raises the possibility that William's good intentions might not always coincide with the harsh realities of war by hinting at his naiveté and patriotic passion. 

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