Outlander star Sophie Skelton gets the lead role in her upcoming movie.

Sophie Skelton, star of Outlander, has landed her next big role in the upcoming film Row.

The Hollywood Reporter states that director Matthew Losasso's film, which is dubbed a thriller.

Will star Bella Dayne from Humans, Akshay Khanna from Red, White & Royal Blue, and Mark Trepan from Before We Die.

The narrative centers on a woman who washes up on a blood-stained rowboat and has to piece together her memories to prove her innocence while her crewmates are thought to be dead.

"Despite the impression of an endless ocean in every direction, the Valiant's limited space leads to intense drama and paranoia," Losasso remarked. "

The script is incredibly ambitious and captivating.

"Throw in a twisty dark plot, intricate techniques to avoid green screen backdrops.

A commitment to capture the rugged beauty of ocean landscapes, and the constraints of independent filmmaking, as if filming on water wasn't enough of a challenge."

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