Outlander producer teases "surprises" for season 8

it could be the time of the week whilst you'd count on a latest episode of Outlander to land on Lionsgate+, but after final week's mid-season finale, enthusiasts will just need to bide their time until the collection returns in 2024.

the new batch of season 7 episodes is but to get a showed launch date, but if the twists of the season are some thing to head by so far, we are in for a wild ride.

it will be the penultimate season earlier than the hit historical delusion series wraps up for desirable and fans have never been extra keen to know just how Outlander will end.

The collection is, of course, primarily based on Diana Gabaldon's acclaimed e-book collection, however with Gabaldon nevertheless running on her 10th and final Outlander novel, what does that mean for the ending of the tv series?

posed the query of ways the series will wrap up in light of the shortage Outlander's final e book to government producer Maril Davis.

She discovered: “We’ve talked to Diana a chunk. as soon as we discern out how the real finishing is going to be – which we don’t absolutely have yet – I think we’ll run it by her and make certain she’s adequate with it."

She persevered: "I’ve requested her approximately things that we need to do to make sure she’s adequate. The remaining issue we want to do is step on Diana’s feet, 

she’s been so cute and supportive of this series and so thrilled with the way it’s gone. We need to pay off her and be respectful of her, do her books justice.

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