Outlander Blood of My Blood – Everything we know about the prequel series

Outlander It is easily one of the best historical series on Netflix right now, capturing the imagination of millions of viewers who couldn't stop watching their favorite characters and also a little about historical figures as an addition.

To the chagrin of fans, Starz revealed in January 2023 that season eight would be the series' final season.

However, there was both good and bad news as it was also stated that a prequel series will be created. 

Outlander: Blood of My Blood would be released after the conclusion of Season 8 and would keep the Outlander heritage alive.

Unfortunately, Outlander: Blood of My Blood, like many other shows,The intended start of production was halted due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. 

 However, after 148 days, a historic agreement was achieved, bringing the WGA strike to a close. 

While the actors' strike is still in effect, this implies that planning can continue and the prequel can resume production in the hopes that the SAG strike will be over soon. 

The strikes will have a long-term influence on the release date of Blood of my Blood, which is scheduled to premiere following season 8 of Outlander.

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