On "Saturday Night Live," a bearded and laid-back Deion Sanders discusses Michigan.

Deion Sanders grew a beard, rested, and rode around in his two new all-terrain vehicles since his last appearance as Colorado's head football coach. 

He also secured a commitment for 2025 from a four-star quarterback recruit in Georgia.All of this has occurred since Oct. 13, Colorado's last game before taking a bye week last week.

But now that he's back, the Pro Football Hall of Famer used the chance to comment on a variety of things Tuesday, including the Michigan sign-stealing charges, the recent "Saturday Night Live" spoof of him, 

and how his team has addressed its nation-leading number of penalties. The Buffaloes (4-3) play at No. 24 on Saturday.

Sanders was asked about them during his weekly press conference in Boulder on Tuesday, but he prefaced his response by claiming he didn't know if the allegations were true. 

No. 2 Michigan is being accused of cheating by breaking laws barring in-person scouting of potential opponents in order to steal their play-calling signs. 

"Everyone is trying to gain any advantage they can," Sanders explained. "You can get someone's entire game plan. They could send it to you by mail. You must still put a stop to it." 

According to Sanders, a former Major League Baseball player, the benefit of sign-stealing in football is not as "pronounced" as it is in baseball. 

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