Deion Sanders reveals his favorite candy on Halloween

Deion Sanders, the coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, is all about ranking. There is undoubtedly a hierarchy that is expected,

 both on and off the field. The Hall of Famer is even renowned for occasionally ranking his five children. 

Coach Prime does not really like candy, so he declined to rank his favorites. Nonetheless, 

 at his press conference on Tuesday, he declared that Now and Later was his favorite candy in keeping with the Halloween theme.

Sanders advised anyone who was unsure about those to ask someone who might be knowledgeable. I will have to order some from Amazon, he said.

Sanders declared, "To me, a pack of Now and Laters is everything." The late Mike Leach popularized the subject by describing in great detail his favorite candies.

 Sanders carried on, sharing his best guess for what trick-or-treaters might find at his house later on this evening.

A lighthearted and enjoyable question to break the seriousness of CU's Rose Bowl locker room theft.

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