Olivia Dunne Shows Off Her Amazing Flexibility While Training for LSU Gymnastics in Tight Sportswear

Olivia Dunne, a renowned LSU gymnast, has gained frequent viral recognition on TikTok for showcasing her exceptional athletic abilities.   

Her recent videos, like a demonstration of a splits to press handstand trick and sharing her bars routine from a recent meet, have further solidified her online presence.

In her most recent TikTok post, Dunne once again dazzled her 7.3 million followers. Wearing a lilac sports bra and athletic shorts, her blonde hair pulled into a high ponytail, she exuded grace and strength.  

In the video, she began in a kneeling position, adjusted her ponytail, and gracefully stretched one leg out in front while maintaining balance on the other knee.  

In perfect sync with the popular “Crunch” sound on the platform, she effortlessly transitioned into a splits position. Her caption, “Always a good idea to stretch,” conveyed her commitment to fitness and flexibility.

Dunne’s prowess extended to Instagram, where she boasts an additional 3.8 million followers. She shared a photo of herself stretching in a leotard on March 26, accompanied by a playful caption, “Act natural.”   

Her teammate, Aleah Finnegan, humorously responded, “Yeah, this is very natural to me.” Other fellow LSU gymnasts also chimed in with enthusiastic comments, recognizing Dunne’s exceptional abilities.

Recently, the LSU Tigers secured third place in the SEC Championships on Saturday, March 18, and are set to compete in the NCAA Regionals in Denver this Friday. The No. 6-ranked LSU gymnastics team continues to demonstrate their remarkable talents in the world of collegiate gymnastics.

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