Olivia Dunne: Other Gymnasts at LSU 'Deserve' NIL Success 'Just as Much' as She Does (Exclusive)... 

Gymnastics will be the first LSU women's sport to benefit from her new partnership with Accelerator Energy.  

This year, gymnast Olivia Dunne became the highest-paid NCAA female athlete, and now the 21-year-old  

Louisiana State University star is assisting other female athletes in securing lucrative partnerships with corporations.  

On Tuesday, Dunne's Livvy Fund, which debuted in July, unveiled a new relationship with Accelerator Active Energy, disclosing that the brand will be the first to negotiate NIL deals with athletes via the fund.  

In addition, the brand announced to PEOPLE that eight LSU gymnastic athletes will become Accelerator ambassadors.  

"I've been fortunate enough to have all these different opportunities with NIL and to have experience because it could be very foreign to other athletes at the start of it,"  

Dunne says in an interview with PEOPLE. "So, I just wanted to help other women and give them opportunities to learn and have more NIL deals because they deserve it just as much as I do."  

Dunne's net worth was projected to be $3.5 million in July, according to the On3 NIL 100 list. She became the highest-paid NCAA female athlete after the NCAA agreed to a new Name, Image,  

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