October 25, 2023, Could Be A Tough Day For These 3 Zodiac Signs

Since it's typically used to indicate that you are genuinely trying too hard to complete a task, it might be a bit unsettling.

You would never be able to comprehend how to attempt "less" than really hard at that time. 

That is the core of our problem, and on October 25, 2023, when the Moon will be transiting opposite Venus

 we will be able to observe that we are unable to solve it.

You believe that you are the only person on the earth who needs love and care, and that since you are so deserving of it, it will come to you organically. 


The truth is, Leo, that everything is going your way, but you won't perceive it that way until October 25, 2023, when the Moon will be in opposition to Venus.

It could be that you don't think you deserve love, which is why you feel like it has passed you by


On October 25, 2023, while the Moon is in opposition to Venus, you will be persuaded that love is not in your stars for whatever reason

It seems to you that love has treated you unfairly and that dating is a surefire way to end up in trouble. 


 You loved someone with all of your heart, and when that love ended, you spent longer than you'd care to admit feeling devastated.

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