NFL trade deadline winners and losers: Eagles and 49ers pounce with Super Bowl hopes

Prior to the 2023 NFL season, we were unaware that Aaron Rodgers would only play four snaps for the New York Jets, 

that Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers offense would require some time to get used to a new  

offensive coach, or that the defense of the Cleveland Browns was significantly better than their offensively. 

However, we were aware during training camp that the NFC was far less congested with clubs that appeared to be contending than the AFC was.  

Top quarterbacks were being piled high by the AFC, like the Miami Dolphins did when they heaped points on the Denver Broncos. 

Thus, we were aware that league executive offices believed that this was the year when NFC contenders would make a move. 

That's the impact of being free of Rodgers and Tom Brady on a conference. 

After eight weeks of the NFL season, that distinction is still evident. Therefore, it seems sense that the two most terrifying NFC teams 

the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers—had the largest headlines before Tuesday's NFL trade deadline. 

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