NFL center shares technologies utilized during the Iraq war that he uses in his training.

Drew Dalman benefited from a scientific advantage while playing center at Stanford. 

While playing for the Cardinals, the now-Atlanta Falcons center was given some novel equipment to cool his body down by doctors at the school. 

The CoolMitt, which is exactly what it sounds like, was on the Stanford sidelines.  

It's a device that players use for a few moments to relax their muscles, which leads to improved sports performance. 

the red zone, which is the most in the league. Half of the teams have fewer than 10 trips. Once there, though, it's been harder to do well.  

The technology was first utilized during the Iraq war to keep American soldiers cool when they became overheated, and it has since made its way into sports. 

Dalman has yet to use it in the NFL. He's "99%" certain it's legal on NFL sidelines, but he doesn't want to risk it just yet. 

"We've been down there enough times to get it done," team owner and general manager Jerry Jones told Dallas radio station 105.3  

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