"Never Beating the Sorcery Allegations" Following Her Eras Tour Debut, Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift is consistently demonstrating why she is the ultimate "Mastermind." 

The pop sensation used Twitter to post a humorous clip of herself singing "Labyrinth" from her 2022 album Midnights on her Eras tour stop in Buenos Aires, 

Argentina, this past weekend. Serendipitously, the camera pans to the sky just as Swift sings, 

"I thought the plane was going down / How'd you turn it right around," and an airplane is visible flying directly above the stadium. 

Swift humorously captioned the video, "Never beating the sorcery allegations," alluding to previous widely ,

shared TikTok videos in which she playfully claimed that her renditions of "Willow" appeared to be spells cast by her coven. 

Swift's immensely popular Eras Tour began its Latin American leg in August with four performances in Mexico City. 

On November 10, 11, and 12, she gave performances at River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, where she was accompanied by her reported boyfriend Travis Kelce. Swift's itinerary includes stops in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 

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