NBA World Reacts to Latest Ja Morant Suspension

The two-time All-Star point guard Ja Morant was seen holding a gun in an Instagram Live video on Saturday, 

 which led to the Grizzlies suspending him on Sunday. With this action, 

Morant has been suspended for the second time this year for showing a gun on camera.

The Grizzlies released a statement that read, "We are aware of the social media video involving Ja Morant."

"Until the league review is completed, he is barred from all team activities." We have nothing more to say at this time.

In the Saturday video, Morant, 23, is seen with pals in a car enjoying some music when the 23-year-old pulls out a gun and points it skyward. 

The moment the gun is visible, the camera swiftly moves away from Morant.

 He is expected to participate in Wednesday's game against the Houston Rockets, as reported by ESPN's Tim MacMahon.

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