More People Watch Roseanne Barr's New Show Than All of 'The Conners' Did During Its Previous Season?

According to a reliable web source, Roseanne Barr starred in a new TV series that debuted in August 2023

and garnered more viewers for its premiere episode than "The Conners" did for a whole season.

The manager of the America - Love It Or Leave It Facebook page wrote on October 30, 2023

The highly anticipated premiere of Roseanne Barr's new series received more views than 'The Conners' did during its entire previous season

A Facebook page manager inserted a link to an item on The Dunning-Kruger Times website in the pinned comment beneath the post. 

"Roseanne's First Episode Gets More Views Than 'The Conners' Did All Last," the title for the story said.

"It was not even near."But this Barr article wasn't a factual account of actual occurrences.

America's Last Line of Defense is a network of content that includes websites like The Dunning-Kruger Times

which are characterized as "parody, satire, and tomfoolery."

Users who read the article all the way through would have noticed various indications that it was satirical, such as the use of fictitious names like "Joe Barron" and "Tara Newhole."

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