MLB's new rules have completely changed the game.

When even your sport's Hall of Famers say they can barely watch it, you know it has problems.

But that was the state of baseball until 2023, when Rule Change Baseball arrived and changed everything.

"It was tough watching the game," Hall of Fame slugger Andre Dawson admitted last July in Cooperstown, surrounded by a slew of other baseball greats who felt the same way.

But that was back in the day. Suddenly, Dawson found himself watching a sport with true rhythm once more,

where athleticism was valued, ground balls were actually hit, and runners raced from first to third. Andre Dawson was suddenly re-interested.

"It makes the game a little bit more exciting," Dawson explained. "And I believe it's the best way to rekindle fan interest."

As a result, that is beginning to return. It's a good sign, and you're gradually regaining your enjoyment of the game."

Baseball's Rules Have Changed. We've been through it for a year now.

So, to summarize, these were the most significant rule changes in modern history, possibly in any sport.

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