Marvel's greatest strength has now turned against it.

The MCU's future could be in for some changes.

According to a new Variety report, there's been plenty of behind-the-scenes turmoil for the once-impenetrable franchise, ranging from talk of replacing Kang the Conqueror with Doctor Doom due to Jonathan Majors' legal issues, to the troubled Mahershala Ali Blade reboot undergoing yet another rework, to - most unexpectedly - Marvel's top brass floating the idea of bringing back the original Avengers to help right the ship.

The fact that resurrecting the original crew is even being discussed so soon after the Infinity Saga concluded shows how much the MCU's recent financial and critical setbacks have taken their toll. Taking lower-tier characters like the Avengers, which was formerly Marvel's successful strategy

However, effectively completing that long-term tale came at a cost: it forced Marvel to start from scratch when it came to investing in their next crop of characters. 

There was no longer a guarantee that audiences would care about the next slate of properties, and there was now cultural baggage associated with the franchise because so many of the characters that audiences had grown to love were either dead, retiring, or at a point in their arc that made it difficult to build on. 

 Beyond the heroes already mentioned, Thor and Hulk have battled to find meaning in post-Endgame ventures, Hawkeye now shares his mantle with Kate Bishop, Scarlet Witch went evil and (apparently?) committed suicide, and the original Guardians of the Galaxy crew has disbanded.

Marvel developed their empire in the first place by looking at less popular characters and putting their faith in a strategy to turn them into new stars capable of competing with their old ones. 

 If they chose a few characters and put in the same amount of effort, the MCU might be able to return to what it does best.

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