Marvel might bring back Iron Man and Black Widow from the original Avengers cast

For a new film, Marvel is thinking about reuniting the original Avengers cast.

The original Avengers cast, which included Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man and Scarlet Johannson's Black Widow, may return to Marvel Studios. 

Viewers witnessed the deaths of the two beloved characters in the 2019 movie Avengers: Endgame. 

 The former is already scheduled to feature in her own prequel film

but neither Iron Man's comeback nor the full cast's revival have been officially confirmed as of yet. 

Nonetheless, Variety claims that talks regarding a potential new Avengers movie including the original cast have taken place. 

This implies that the two might make a joint appearance in the MCU.

Marvel hasn't committed to the notion completely, despite the fact that there have been ongoing discussions about it. 

Given that bringing the characters back won't be cheap, money is a major concern here.

Downey had a salary of $25 million for Iron Man 3. The question that emerges is whether Johannson or Downey would wish to return to their roles in addition to receiving a sizable salary.

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