Luke Grimes was pushed to his maximum by Yellowstone's wild cowboy camp. 

One of the reasons we all adore Yellowstone is its honesty. It illustrates the true problems and challenges experienced by modern ranchers in the United States, 

as well as the disappearing of a way of life. That's not surprising given that it's directed by Taylor Sheridan, 

a cowboy and rancher himself, who requires his players to attend a famed 'cowboy camp' before beginning their roles on the program. 

Here, the Yellowstone actors learn how to ride and be comfortable among horses, as well as how to appreciate the cowboy lifestyle. 

The experience was great yet challenging for Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce in the Yellowstone cast. 

"So he sends us on this cowboy camp: it's basically a three-day pack trip into the middle of nowhere," 

Grimes told ET.We're sleeping in tents, our heads resting against our saddles."So far, so good, right?" Wrong. 

"A lot of things went wrong, making it even more cowboy than it should have been. 

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