Luke Grimes Talks Playing Stagecoach & New Album

Many Yellowstone fans know Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton, who co-starred with legendary actor Kevin Costner. 

His Hollywood career, however, stretches far beyond the drama series, as he has also appeared in Fifty Shades of Grey, True Blood, and the 2006 action film American Sniper.

While his film career appears to be flourishing, Grimes also has a promising future in country music. In addition to performing at the Stagecoach Festival, the artist will release his Pain Pills Or Pews album on October 20. 

Grimes recently sat down to discuss his music career, what he expects for the future, and attending the iconic Stagecoach Festival, with songs like "No Horse To Ride" receiving over 16 million listens.

While he was thrilled with the album, Luke Grimes shared some artists that had influenced him along the way. 

He mentioned Chris Stapleton and Zach Bryan as being on his radar, claiming that Bryan's paintings are "fresh and funky."

Performing with Kevin Costner is an accomplishment in and of itself, but Luke Grimes goes above and above.

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