Lionel Messi poses with an Adidas Sambas and an Argentina kit. 

In the summer and fall of 2015, Lionel Messi raised the bar for soccer fandom in the United States.  

The great attacker, who played for Inter Miami CF, became well-known every week for his clutch kicks and acrobatics. 

Messi is now making his comeback to the international scene in the World Cup qualifying matches. 

The Argentina National Football Team is collaborating with adidas to revive their 1994 throwback uniforms as part of the celebrations.

Fans got to see the retro ensembles on social media for the first time on Monday. During an adidas photo shoot,  

Messi assisted in introducing the kits to a new generation of supporters. It said, "Timeless, classic, original," 

in his caption. The Football Collection by adidas and @AFASeleccion Originals."Fortunately for us, 

the collection will happen shortly. Better yet, Messi's sneaker selection is visible. The adidas Sambas, available for easy online shopping in white and black, are being worn by perhaps the greatest footballer of all time.