Lainey Wilson on ‘Bell Bottom Country’ Anniversary: “It’s Been Blessing After Blessing”

Lainey Wilson has unmistakably declared 2023 to be her year, riding a tide of triumph at both award shows and on country radio charts,

All stemming from her 2022 album "Bell Bottom Country," which celebrates its one-year anniversary today. Wilson offered her thoughts on the frenetic year,

the ups and downs it brought, and her excitement for future projects in a recent conversation with American Songwriter 

At the Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville, following a fan meet & greet for her 2024 Country's Cool Again Tour.

The country singer acknowledged her amazement at the one-year anniversary of "Bell Bottom Country" and the incredible trip she's had since its debut.

 the incredible trip she's been on since its release. Wilson described the continuous blessings and evolution she's encountered in her career as she reflected on the series of events that followed the album release,

 from being on the road to viral moments, headlining tours, supporting Luke Combs

performing at various fairs and festivals, and upcoming shows with HARDY at Red Rocks.

Wilson underscored the enormous differences in her experiences, acknowledging the truth of the music industry's highs and lows.

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