Kylie Jenner's "Quiet Luxury" Look Featured An Unexpected Cut-Out 

Although Kylie Jenner has always been a self-confessed fashionista, she now has an award to show it.  

Jenner received acclaim for her new venture just hours after launching her label, Khy, 

at the 13th annual Innovator Awards ceremony hosted by WSJ Magazine.She sported a look worthy of the praise,

fusing her newfound love of "quiet luxury" with her typical edgy style sensibility. The outcome was completely exquisite, 

yet sultry.Following her appearance on the cover of the November 2023 issue of WSJ Magazine, 

Jenner went to the magazine's annual awards ceremony. The businesswoman achieved yet another milestone when she was given the 2023 Brand Innovator award. 

Jenner looked stunning in a Ferragamo creation fit for the art-filled hallways of the Museum of Modern Art, 

where the event was held. She wore a dark chocolate-colored, glossy, strapless leatherette top. 

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