Kylie Jenner Presents Khy, Her New Clothes Brand 

Kylie Jenner has formally given us a first peek at her upcoming mid-range apparel line, Khy.

November 1st is the official launch date for the Kardashian-Jenner label, but early adopters—those who subscribed to the mailing list—have been given a sneak peek.

A variety of faux leather items are available in the collection, including Y2K co-ords,  

strapless minidresses, trench coats, and bomber jackets.The all-black collection seems to be based on Kylie's recent personal style,  

which combines a high-end, gritty, and seductive aesthetic.Just a few days before the launch, 

Jenner made the announcement on Instagram by sharing a picture of herself wearing red heels and a black trench coat with the words "meet khy."What is known about Khy, 

Kylie Jenner's apparel line, is as follows.With her most recent fashion venture, Kylie Jenner hopes to provide some reasonably priced imitation leather apparel. 

The goal of Khy, according to their website, is to combine "luxury with every day style". 

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