Kroger's New Holiday Commercial Is Wrecking Viewers: Watch It Here

This holiday season, a Kroger commercial is surprisingly moving people to tears.

The endearing song "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran opens the commercial, which features an energetic couple sitting on a park bench while another couple plays with their small child.

They then decide to host a student in their house after a flyer for a "Student Exchange Programme" blows into their laps.

Then a Mexican woman named Valentina appears at their door. The couple knows just what to do when Valentina begins to feel homesick: they prepare a feast inspired by her native nation.

The exchange student is shown feeding the pair more food from both her home country and the United States in the ensuing sequences

As the couple ages and greys, pictures of their numerous exchange students accumulate on their refrigerator over time.

The elderly couple is sitting in their holiday-decorated house one evening when the doorbell rings. 

They are surprised by a bunch of their exchange students carrying groceries from Kroger, and they all cook together while having a good time.

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