Kim Kardashian's Must-Have Nail Polish

Kim Kardashian is a role model for fashion. She has been influencing beauty and fashion trends for years, whether you love her or despise her.   

For instance, Cosmopolitan calls Kim Kardashian's decision to skip applying a facial primer before.   

Applying makeup a "mind-blower," while Vogue lists six trends that became popular due to Kim's influence. 

You might picture the reality star's most well-known outfits and bags or even her most recent SKIMS creation when you think of her stylish hits. 

But over the years, Kim has demonstrated that she has more of an impact than just her sense of style.  

The beauty mogul may influence a whole generation on how to style their hair, brows, and even what color nail polish to wear thanks to her almost 220 million Instagram followers. 

Speaking of nail polish, The Zoe Report notes that Kardashian's go-to shade is a nude.   

This isn't shocking news, but you can probably find it at your neighborhood pharmacy for less than $10.Essie is a popular brand of drugstore.  

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